How to Sew a Button

A button falls off your favorite pair of pants, your work shirt, the back of your daughter’s favorite dress – all you need is a needle, thread, and five minutes and you’ve got this!!!

Below is a short video demonstrating how to sew on a button (and probably most importantly, how to knot it so that it stays on!).  The video involves a four-holed button, and basically sewing an “X”. But if you have a two holed button, just come up one hole and down the other a few times and knot on the back just like in the video.

But first, here are a couple tips for success:

  • If you have it, use embroidery thread – embroidery thread is six threads twisted together. I like to pull it apart into 3 and 3, and use one of the strands of 3 threads to sew my button. The three strands together are so much stronger and do a much better job of holding the button in place with fewer stitches. And embroidery thread comes in every color of the rainbow!

  • Knot your thread 2 or 3 times on the back – one knot comes out easily, two is a bit harder and three, well, that button isn’t going anywhere!

Now for the video!

If you would like more practice sewing buttons, try out the cute Button Tree project, complete with smilie face!  You will be a button-sewing master!

Happy Sewing!!!

– Jamie

1 thought on “How to Sew a Button”

  • I never knew to use embroidery thread! It makes so much sense. I’ve always dreaded sewing buttons because I can never get them to look polished after I make a hundred stitches bc it never feels secure. Trying this!!! Also….this might be good to entertain my kids for a good hour. Thank you for this tip!

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