How to Make Sewing Cards for Kids

Sewing cards are a great introduction into sewing for very little kids! There are no sharp pointy objects involved, they are easy to take with you in the car, and they help improve fine motor coordination.

You can buy packs of premade ones like this:

But they are also fun and easy to make yourself!


  • thin cardboard from a cereal box or other type of box
  • picture you would like to use from a magazine or something printed out
  • hole punch
  • glue
  • shoelace or ribbon – a shoelace works better because of the finished pointy ends
  • clear packing tape

1.  First, cut out the picture you would like to use. I found a cereal bowl on the cereal box 🙂 and a cute dog picture from an ad in a magazine.  Try not to pick something with lots of crazy edges – simple shapes are best.  You also want to pick a picture large enough that it will be easy to work with.

2.  Glue your picture on thin cardboard like this cereal box. This will make the sewing card more durable and easier to hold and use.  Now tape over the entire picture with clear packing tape.  This will also make the sewing card more durable. Note: if you have a laminator you could laminate it instead.

3.  Cut around your picture.

4.   Take your hole punch and punch holes all around your picture. Try to evenly space them and not get them too close to the edge or your picture may tear.

All done! You can knot one end of the shoelace or ribbon and start “sewing” on your new sewing card!

Happy sewing!

– Jamie

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