How to Make a Scrunchie

Looking for a quick and easy sewing project?  Let’s learn how to make a scrunchie!!  🙂


This tutorial is special – it is my first video tutorial, so don’t laugh, y’all!

(I will also have some written instructions in this post if you prefer written to video!)


Here’s What You Need:

–  a piece of fabric cut 24″ x 4″  (I go over how to measure this out in the video, but any 24″ x 4″ piece will do!)

–  8″ of 1/4″ elastic

– safety pins

– optional:  piece of yarn, large safety pin, masking tape



And here is my video tutorial!




1.  Measure out your fabric 24″ x 4″


2. Fold the fabric piece in half lengthwise with right sides together.  Pin in place along the edge.


3. Sew with a 1/2″ seam allowance along the long edge.


4.  Trim your seam to about 1/4″ (so about halfway between your seam and the edge of the fabric)


5.  Flip your scrunchie tube right side out.  You can do this by hand, but to do it a little more quickly, I made a tool with a large safety pin and a piece of yarn.  Just tie a piece of yarn that is about 2 feet long to the end of a large safety pin, like this…

Now thread the safety pin all the way through the tube.

Pin the safety pin to one edge.

Help it a little bit by turning that edge you pinned a little bit to the inside.  Then gently pull on the yarn until the edge that is pinned starts to move through the tube and flip right side around.


6. Thread elastic into your scrunchie tube.  If you haven’t already, cut your piece of elastic 8″ long.  Make sure not to stretch it out when you are measuring.

Attach a safety pin on the end on the elastic.  I like to take a small piece of masking tape to wrap the top of the pin so that it doesn’t come undone inside the tube (I forgot to do this step in the pictures…but I normally do that! 🙂  )

Thread the pin into the scrunchie tube until the end of the elastic is almost even with that end of the scrunchie tube.  Use a second safety pin to pin the elastic and fabric together at this end so that you don’t lose your elastic “tail” as you are feeding it through.


Continue scrunching the elastic through the tube until it comes out on the other side.


7.  Sew your elastic ends together.  Very carefully take the pins off both ends and hold them together.  Sew forwards, then all the way backwards, then all the way forwards again over the elastic about 1/4″ – 1/2″ away from the edge. (Do a better job than I did, and go all the way to the edges to really secure it!)


8.  Finish the edges of the scrunchie and sew together.  Your elastic is sewn together, but you have two raw edges of your scrunchie tube.  Take one of the raw edges and tuck it under to the inside.  Then tuck the other raw edge side into the folded over side to hide the raw edge.

For extra points, you can line up your seams…

Sew across this edge to hold everything in place.



Your scrunchie is now complete!


You can modify the size of the scrunchie as well – if you prefer a more fluffy scrunchie, try cutting your fabric to be 24″ x 4 1/2″, or if you prefer a narrower scrunchie, you could do 24″ x 3 1/2″ (I wouldn’t do less than 3 1/2″ though because it gets harder to flip right side out the smaller it is!).  

Happy sewing and happy scrunchie making!!!


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