12 Awesome and FREE Embroidery Patterns For Beginners

Now that you have a little practice under your belt with the Basic Embroidery Sampler, here are a few free embroidery patterns to try!

1.  Always Beekeeping It Real Pattern from Whistle and Ivy

I have always wanted to keep bees – it is next on my things to learn! Many years ago, I saw a t-shirt for beekeepers advertised in a magazine that said “Beekeeping it Real” and I loved it, but I would not allow myself to be a poser and wear a beekeeping shirt when I was not a beekeeper. So years later, they do not sell that particular shirt anymore, and I am still not a beekeeper, but I can still enjoy this embroidery pattern! 🙂

2.  Playful Cats in the Window Pattern from spruce.com

Gotta love some cats! And some extra practice with back stitching, stem stitching, chain stitching and French knots!

3.   Heart Embroidery Sampler from Adventures in Making

Here’s another great sampler for even more practice on your stitches, and it’s pretty too!

4. And Though She Be But Little… pattern from Dabbles and Babbles

This one looks complicated, but you’ve got this! It’s just some back stitch, woven wheels, lazy daisies, and French knots!

5. Embroidered Cards Tutorial from Mr. Handsomeface Blog

Here’s a super easy and fun project! You can take any design you wish, draw or trace it on the cardstock, and then back stitch away!

6.  Can’t Touch This Cactus Pattern from Flamingo Toes

Here’s an embroidery project that is simple to do and really cute! Smiling cacti are amazing any day of the week!

7.  I Love Us Flower Pattern from Flamingo Toes

I love this pattern! It is just so beautiful – and you can stitch it with or without the words if you want!

8.  Winged Unicorn from Little Dear

I love this unicorn, and you can stitch it in any of the straight stitches you have learned for different effects! I also had a student do this project one time, and she combined two different colors of thread for the mane and tail which looked awesome!

9.  Cherry Jar Topper Pattern at Wild Olive

This was just too cute to not include and it is a quick little project that can make a sweet personalized gift! Wild Olive has tons and tons of cute little patterns on her website!

10.  Chicken Cross Stitch Pattern from Country Living

I am a little obsessed with chickens at the moment. I am a chicken lady, and proud of it! This is a perfect basic cross stitch for those of you who also share my love of these feathered friends! 🙂 If chickens aren’t your thing, Country Living has lots and lots of free cross stitch patterns for every topic and season imaginable!

11.  Floral Meadow Pattern from Hodge Podge Craft

This project combines my two favorite things – sewing and gardens (throw a chicken up in here and this thing would be perfect 🙂 ) The little creatures are so adorable as well! And if you want a smaller project, you can always pick just one or two of the flowers to trace on your project with maybe a single bee!

12.  Embroidered Bouquet Pattern from Down Grapevine Lane

Last but not least, a gorgeous floral pattern from Down Grapevine Lane (check out her other sewing projects as well!). Yes, you can do this! And you’ll get lots of practice on those French knots! 🙂

I also want to mention that DMC floss has a ton of free embroidery patterns available for download as well! Not all of them are beginner level but if you find one you’d like to try, I say go for it! You can find the free patterns here.

Happy stitching everyone!


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